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Microexcel, a leading SAP and SuccessFactors partner, provides full services to help HR departments in the healthcare industry win against every day challenges. With SAP SuccessFactors, the leading cloud based Human Capital Management (HCM) software, employers can:

  • Focus on measurement and accountability, with insights into workforce and patterns
  • Better manage clinical training and education compliance
  • Deploy faster healthcare innovation as dependence on organizational learning increases
  • Attract and retain the right talent amidst the alarming skills shortage

With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, deployment is seamless and the return on investment is quick.

  • 14% - average increase that SuccessFactors customers report in their internal job fill rate
  • 15% - decrease in turnover reported
  • 5.5% - increase of time spent on strategic priorities

SuccessFactors Rollout Webinar

SuccessFactors Rollout Webinar

View this on demand webinar and get a realistic understanding on how to create the best possible core HR and talent strategy for your organization while balancing out the needs of a global business.

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Aligning the strategy for Human Capital Management (HCM) with business strategy has been a top priority for organizations for many years. With the ease of accessing applications on the cloud, HCM transformation is faster and easier.

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HR Blog Posts

HR Blog Posts

Read the three part series on HR and how to leverage the right HCM solution to transform how the HR processes for healthcare.

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